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Comprises of two independent brewing set ups.
A TEST BREW and this produces just 2 Firkins at a time, which enables us to test new brews, new recipes or any special customer requests.

SET UP No 2;
"The Governor" who at full capacity is capable of producing 100 Firkins a week.

We "Paul and Phil" pride ourselves on obtaining only the best quality ingredients and we strive to source the vast majority of them locally where possible.
Phil "Co founder" and the master brewer is responsible for formulating and producing our six base beers, which are; GOLD, AMBER, BEST, IPA, E.S.B and MOULDINGS PORTER
Due to increased popularity, interest and also request, we are now proud producers of four bottled craft beers.

With Paul's great sales attributes and Phils enthusiasm, dedication and attention to detail to his brewing, the future for this newly formed company and brewery "STOW FEN" looks and will be a very exciting journey for us all.


If we could kindly take just 2 minutes of your time, we would like to formally introduce ourselves and explain how our company was founded and formed. 

As lovers of alcoholic beverages ourselves "WE" often used to frequent the locals in our historic town of Bungay in Suffolk.
The "WE" little did we know at the time were Mr Paul Holland and Mr Phil Gilham who were to be, and now are, the CO FOUNDERS of STOW FEN  BREWING CO LTD.
All best ideas and business deals seem to be "brewed up" after a few habitual pints, but as we all know, most ideas are left right there in the local along with the empty glass.
There's always the exception to the rule. When Phil happened to mention to Paul that he had always fancied brewing his own beer and owning a brewery, instead of it just being an "alcohol fuelled" comment that often falls by the wayside, Paul grasped the concept with both hands and said "That's brilliant, love it, a brewery we will have."

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STOW FEN BREWERY was no longer a wish -  it has actually happened (or, the dream has become reality) in historic buildings at Fenview overlooking Stow Fen in the heart of the picturesque Waveney Valley.
Great Grandad William Holland farmed once Fen Place of which Fenview is the last remaining part of the family farm and now the site of the STOW FEN brewery. 
William Holland passed on all his worldly goods to Russell Holland who, in turn, passed them down to Paul Holland. Paul will in time pass them down to his son Harrison Holland in keeping with the Holland family tradition.
Russell Hollands carpentry workshops underwent a major renovation and redevelopment to become what is now The STOW FEN brewery and head-quarters to the rear Fenview.
Paul, wife Michelle and son Harrison live next to the brewery on the historical site.

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